5 Tips for Choosing Background Music for Videos

published on 21 June 2024

Here's a quick guide to selecting the perfect background music for your videos:

  1. Match the purpose and mood
  2. Consider your audience
  3. Pay attention to tempo and pacing
  4. Navigate licensing and copyright issues
  5. Balance music with other audio elements
Tip Key Points
Purpose & Mood Align with video goal, create desired feeling
Audience Choose music viewers will enjoy
Tempo & Pacing Match or contrast with video speed
Licensing Use royalty-free or properly licensed tracks
Audio Balance Adjust volume, lower for dialogue

Good background music enhances your video, while poor choices can distract or annoy viewers. Use these tips to select music that engages your audience and supports your content effectively.

1. Consider Your Video's Purpose and Mood

When picking background music for your video, start by thinking about what your video is for and how you want it to feel. Ask yourself:

  • What's the main goal of your video?
  • What feeling do you want to create?

The answers will help you choose music that fits well.

Here's a quick guide to matching music with different video types:

Video Type Mood Music Style
Corporate Professional, motivating Upbeat instrumental
Lifestyle Warm, relaxed Soft acoustic
Action Exciting, high-energy Fast-paced electronic
Educational Calm, focused Gentle background tunes

Remember, the music you pick should:

  • Match the speed of your video
  • Support your message
  • Not overpower any talking

2. Know Your Audience

When picking music for your video, think about who will watch it. Different people like different types of music. Knowing your audience helps you choose music they'll enjoy.

Here's how to match music to your audience:

Audience Music Type
Young people Pop, hip hop, electronic
Professionals Soft rock, jazz, classical
Families Upbeat, family-friendly tunes
Seniors Oldies, easy listening

Tips for choosing audience-friendly music:

  • Think about your viewers' age
  • Consider their interests
  • Pick music that fits your video's topic
  • Avoid music that might offend or bore your audience

3. Pay Attention to Tempo and Pacing

The speed of your music can make a big difference in how your video feels. Here's what you need to know about tempo and pacing:

Matching Speed

When the music's speed matches your video's pace, it can:

  • Make the video feel smooth
  • Help viewers follow along easily

Different Speeds

Using music with a different speed than your video can:

  • Create surprise
  • Add interest
  • Make viewers think

How to Choose the Right Speed

Video Type Music Speed Effect
Fast action Fast beat More excitement
Slow scenes Slow music Calm feeling
Talking video Medium tempo Easy to listen

Tips for Picking Music Speed

  • Watch your video and note its pace
  • Try different music speeds to see what works
  • Change the music speed if needed
  • Pick a speed that fits the mood you want

When choosing music for your videos, it's important to follow copyright rules. Using music without permission can cause problems for your channel. Here are some tips to help you:

Understanding Creative Commons Music

Creative Commons music is shared by artists for others to use. To use this music:

  • Check the license terms
  • Give credit if needed
  • Don't use for business if not allowed
  • Don't change the music if not permitted

Where to Find Creative Commons Music

You can find free music on these websites:

Website Features
Free Music Archive Many genres, easy to search
Jamendo High-quality tracks, clear licenses
ccMixter Remixes and collaborations
Incompetech Mostly instrumental, good for background
Bensound Simple licensing, various styles

Music for YouTube

YouTube has special rules for music. You can:

  • Use YouTube's Audio Library
  • Buy royalty-free tracks
  • Ask permission from music owners

Music on Social Media

For platforms like TikTok and Instagram:

Do's Don'ts
Use platform music libraries Use copyrighted music without permission
Check platform rules Ignore warnings about music use
Clear rights for outside music Assume all music is free to use

5. Balance Music with Other Audio Elements

When adding music to your videos, it's important to make sure it works well with other sounds. Here's how to do that:

Keep the Volume Steady

Make sure the music stays at the same level throughout your video. This works best when you use simple music without too many different sounds. Adjust how loud the music is so it doesn't cover up other important sounds.

Lower Music for Talking

Turn down the music when people are talking or when there are other important sounds. This helps viewers hear everything clearly.

Match Music to Voices

Pick music that goes well with how people are talking in your video. Here's a quick guide:

Voice Type Music to Use Music to Avoid
Soft voice Gentle, quiet music Loud, busy music
Deep voice Music with lower tones High-pitched music


Picking the right music for your videos can make them much better. Here's a quick look at what we talked about:

Tip What to Do
1. Video Purpose and Mood Choose music that fits your video's goal and feeling
2. Know Your Audience Pick music your viewers will like
3. Tempo and Pacing Match the music speed to your video's speed
4. Licensing and Copyright Make sure you have the right to use the music
5. Balance with Other Sounds Adjust music volume so it doesn't cover up talking

It takes time to get good at choosing music for videos. Try different things and ask people what they think. As you practice, you'll get better at knowing what works best.


  • Good music can make your video better
  • Bad music can make people stop watching

Keep trying new types of music. Always think about what's best for the people watching your video.


Where can I get free music for my videos?

Here are some good places to find free music:

Website What You'll Find
YouTube Audio Library Free tracks, some need credit
Free Music Archive Many types of music
Incompetech Music by Kevin MacLeod
ccMixter Music you can use and change

Where can I download music I can use without breaking rules?

Try these websites for music you can use freely:

Website What It Offers
YouTube Audio Library Lots of free tracks
Free Music Archive Good music you can download
Soundcloud Some artists let you use their music
Bensound Free tracks if you give credit

How do I pick the right music for my video?

To find good music for your video:

  1. Think about why you need music
  2. Choose music your viewers will like
  3. Pick music that fits your video's mood
  4. Listen to other videos for ideas
  5. If you can, pay someone to make music just for you

Where else can I find music for videos?

Here are more places to get music:

Website What It's Like
Epidemic Sound Pay monthly, use lots of music
AudioJungle Buy single tracks
Storyblocks Pay monthly, get lots of music
Jamendo Music from new artists

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