TapeReal represents a new era in social media. Filter free and algorithm free TapeReal puts connection, expression and everyone's ability to monetize at the centre.

Help Us Grow

We are a small team taking a stand against algorithms and traditional social media. We are building a new #SocialReality for the mindset of people today - one that values privacy, sustainability, and authenticity. We are entirely community funded and therefore need your help to keep the platform available long term.

We have currently raised a small fraction of our on-going monthly $30,000 target. This target helps us cover expenditures like development of new features, server costs, support, and marketing initiatives. You can support TapeReal by purchasing a monthly growth plan via the app. Alternatively, you can email us directly if you would like to support TapeReal as a private investor, brand ambassador, or influencer.

Every bit helps. Thank you for helping us take on the giants!

Driven by values

TapeReal is a mission-driven organization where the interests of people and creators come first.

We are a remotely-distributed international team and our values are based on trust and real human connection.

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Social responsibility

A new #SocialReality comes with new social responsibilities, which is why we're committed to donating 2.5% of your growth plan revenue towards charities in mental health, orphanages, and other humanitarian causes.

Help make a difference in the World.

TapeReal is a new #SocialReality.

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