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On, you can record your thoughts and conversations as social memories. It's also the fastest way to record, publish, and share audio/video content online.

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Raw, uncut... #SocialReality.

No advertising. No filters or AR. No fake stuff. With less noise, you'll have more time for authentic expression and meaningful social memories.

Express yourself

Stop hiding behind a keyboard and image filters. Stop consuming frivolous content and fake news. Start being who you are. Start sharing authentic and knowledgeable memories. TapeReal is a network that empowers you with your own voice.

where you can be heard.

Share your stories

Traditional social media stories are basically banner ads. Real storytelling captivates an audience and invokes a feeling of connection. Real stories make you vulnerable, and with vulnerability comes personal freedom. TapeReal is a place to record memorable stories.

where stories come to life.

Get real engagement

Texting and "likes" will never replace the bond of real human connection. When you get to know people, you'll naturally create new opportunities to collaborate, learn and grow. TapeReal is a community that connects through dialogue and conversation.

where real meets real.

How do you want to be remembered?

Create your legacy by sharing your knowledge and authentic self. Be social and engage with people the way nature intended.

Fast Recording

Record together or solo. Publishing audio/video memories is effortless.

Find Your Tribe

Follow interesting people and have meaningful conversations.

Compelling Topics

Browse #hashtags or search by keyword to discover relevant tapes.

Get Rich Engagement

Recommend tapes, leave an audio comment, and interact freely.

Record Your Legacy

Record a conversation with anyone by simply calling them.

Record a solo vlog or audio journal to express your thoughts and feelings.

Real-time recording means you'll never upload a file again.

Meet New People

Connect with interesting people, thought-leaders, and tape creators.

Use audio comments to spark deeper conversations and dialogue.

Discover compelling topics, #hashtags and join the discussion.

Get Distribution & Exposure

Publish directly to and share tapes everywhere.

Embed tapes on a website or blog to enrich your content.

Get ranked on the Worldwide Member Leaderboard. TapeReal also features select Creators on their blog and social channels.

Be expressive, make memories.
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