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Who uses TapeReal?

Vloggers, Podcasters, Musicians, Public Speakers, Product Reviewers, Educators, and Everyday People use TapeReal to authentically express themselves and engage in meaningful conversations.

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Record the raw moment or call a friend to record together. You can also upload video content directly from your phone.

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TapeReal makes it possible for you to:

Post to a chronological feed without any algorithmic bias.

Take ownership of your privacy and personal data.

Build a direct, meaningful relationship with your audience.

REAL community

Ask questions, reply with audio comments, and spark candid conversations. Get the tools you need to engage meaningfully with your audience.

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As a creator, you deserve better:

Break free from the pressure of algorithms, and focus on creating.

Privacy, sustainability, and real human connection.

Monetize as early as today, without any minimums or prerequisites.

Get paid, your way

Sell access to axclusive audio and video content. Simply set a price and lock your EXCLUSIVE content with our new in-app currency "RealCoins".

Get notified each time someone pays to unlock your content, track your earnings, and cash out at $100+ USD. Brand sponsorship opportunities are also coming soon!

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Access your channel's web page on TapeReal.com and get ranked on the Worldwide Leaderboard. Share web links across social media or embed tapes on your website or blog.

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TapeReal is for people who are looking for informative and authentic social content, which contrasts Instagram’s filtered and TikTok’s virality-driven content.

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Build organically or get a growth plan with a premium badge and we'll accelerate your audience growth for you.

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Introduce yourself to the community and be heard. Tag your friends and share clickable links in the comments to drive traffic to your website, blog, or landing page.

Choose topics that interest you, index your content with #hashtags/keywords, or have fun browsing other creator channels.

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TapeReal is algorithm-free, respects your privacy, and allows you to easily monetize exclusives.

Your privacy matters

TapeReal prevents screen recording on the app to ensure your exclusives are not used or pirated elsewhere.

We will never mine or sell your personal data without your consent.

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TapeReal is a new #SocialReality.

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