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We possess the most valuable assets: Creativity. Authenticity. Community. Together, we will shape the future of social video, founded on artistic integrity and financial empowerment for all creators.

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TapeReal reminds me of the early days of YouTube, when it was more about storytelling and authentic content.

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Explore Your Favorite Communities

From Creative Arts to Travel Escapes to Style & Glam, TapeReal has a Community Made for You.

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  • Discover Diverse Creators and Content

    TapeReal doesn't have any algorithms designed to keep you engaged. This means you get exposed to a diversity of creators and content from around the world. You can also join various topic-based communities to further customize the content you want to see first. 

  • Start or Jump into a Hot New Trend

    Find your inspiration and reach new audiences with TapeReal's trending hashtags. From personal storytelling to niche interests, explore the latest trends or create your own. Get discovered and ranked in our all-time popular hashtags, and connect with like-minded creators from around the world. 

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    Create at Your Own Pace.

    Automate your audience growth with a boost in Discover. Spend less time on algorithms, and more time creating.

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  • Premium Membership for Creators

    TapeReal offers a Creator Pro+ membership that gives you more visibility on the "Channel Swipe Feature" and helps you automate your audience growth. 

  • Get a Premium Creator Badge

    Make it yours with a creator badge and get early access to all future premium features designed to help you grow your reach and maximize your earning potential. 

  • Join TapeReal and Create Without Compromise

    We believe that social video should be a space where you can connect with others, share your authentic stories, and monetize your content without compromising your privacy or mental health. We're a new video platform that is challenging the status quo, and we're on a mission to give you more control and freedom over your online presence.

    The New Way to Earn

    Generate a new revenue stream from EXCLUSIVE content. 

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  • Lock your exclusives

    Set your own prices and keep all the earnings. From behind-the-scenes footage, to step-by-step tutorials, to unreleased music, TapeReal has it all. 

  • Get paid in USD

    Convert your earnings from RealCoins into US dollars. Make money doing what you love on your terms. TapeReal empowers you to monetize on day one.

  • Analytics and brand partnerships

    See who unlocks and likes your content. Get early access to brand partnership deals and future ad monetization opportunities before the masses.

  • Built by Creators for Creators

    TapeReal is a powerful revenue builder for creators, YouTubers, and knowledge workers. Try it for free.

    • 52K+ members

      Join a vibrant and fast growing community of 32,000+ like-minded members.

    • 99.98% uptime

      TapeReal is a stable and reliable platform for video creators and viewers.

    • 20+ communities

      Explore 20+ communities with similar interests and passions.

    4 Simple Steps

    TapeReal is the easiest way to build a new revenue stream from your video creations and audience.

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    Dare to be different

    “If you’re looking for the next big thing, and you’re looking where everyone else is, you’re looking in the wrong place.”

    Mark Cuban

    Privacy and Mental Health

    TapeReal values your privacy and does not mine or sell your personal data to third parties. We're mindful of your mental health and design our apps to make you feel empowered and in control of your experience. TapeReal is safe, secure, and puts you in the driver's seat.

    Dare to be different.

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