Introducing a New TapeReal

published on 13 December 2022

Our startup, TapeReal, is on a mission to revolutionize the world of social video and human connection. We believe that creators should be at the center of the video experience, and that their voices and creativity should be celebrated.

At TapeReal, we are building a video platform that is truly creator-first and viewer-first. We believe in giving creators the tools and support they need to succeed, while also providing viewers with a more personalized and enjoyable video experience.

We are committed to respecting the privacy of our users. We don't sell your personal data or use it to serve you irrelevant or intrusive ads. Instead, we will use innovative and transparent monetization models that enable creators to make good money off their content, while also giving viewers a better viewing experience. Furthermore, our future brand partnership program will benefit creators, and also include advertising that is tailored and beneficial to viewers as well.

We are also committed to building a platform that gives viewers more control over their video experience. We believe that traditional social media platforms tend to promote content that is sensational or clickbaity,  rather than content that is truly meaningful, valuable, and diverse.

At TapeReal, we will use viewer engagement, interest-based feeds, and proprietary models to surface the best creator content and ensure that it is highlighted and promoted to the right audience.

TapeReal - Dare to be different.
TapeReal - Dare to be different.

In short, our manifesto is simple: we believe in empowering creators, respecting viewers, and building a platform that is truly creator-first, viewer-first, tailored to your interests, and respectful of your privacy. This is what makes us different.

If this vision resonates with you, and you aspire to be different, then join us on our mission to build a revolutionary video platform and create a better future for creators and viewers alike.

Team TapeReal

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