Online Community Builder for Video Creators

published on 20 March 2024

If you're a video creator looking to enhance your connection with viewers and explore monetization opportunities, creating an online community is a strategic move. This guide explores online community builders tailored for video creators, highlighting how they can help you engage with fans, offer exclusive content, and generate income. Key points include:

  • What Online Community Platforms Offer: Customization, chat rooms, membership management, monetization options, and analytics.
  • Evaluating Platforms: Look for video integration, audience segmentation, monetization features, and analytics.
  • Top Platforms: Mighty Networks, Discord, and Circle offer unique benefits for video creators.
  • Content Creation Tips: Share exclusive videos, go live often, and encourage user-generated content.
  • Community Engagement: Use Q&A posts, challenges, and live events to foster participation.
  • Monetization Strategies: Explore memberships, special content, and digital downloads.

This introduction aims to provide a succinct overview for creators seeking to build and monetize their online communities effectively.

Evaluating the Best Platforms for Video Creators

When looking for the best tools to build your community, keep an eye out for:

  • Video integration - A way to share your videos right in the community. This keeps your fans up-to-date with your work.
  • Audience segmentation - A feature that lets you offer more to your biggest fans who are willing to pay extra.
  • Monetization - Good options for getting paid through tips, memberships, selling stuff, and more.
  • Analytics - Tools to see what's popular and making money in your community.

The best platforms work great on phones since that's how most people watch videos and chat online. They also let you keep full control, unlike other social media sites.

Top Platforms for Video Creators

Mighty Networks is great for creators who want to bring their fans together. You can make groups about different topics, have online classes, plan events, and talk to members through apps. It also lets you make money by charging for special content, monthly subscriptions, and tips. Plus, you can see which content and activities bring in the most money.

Discord lets you set up your own space with areas for text and voice chats. You can have video parties and keep fans interested with fun emojis and chat bots. It's free to use, but making money directly through it isn't easy. However, it does offer good details on how much your fans talk and what they like.

Circle helps you start a private space for your fans with discussions that are easy to follow. It sends out daily emails to keep members updated, has apps for phones, and lets you use your own website link. You can make money through memberships and by accepting payments directly. It also tracks how well your community is doing and how much money you're making, helping you improve your strategy.

Building Your Community

Creating Valuable Content

Making great stuff for your online community is key to keeping everyone interested and sticking around. Here's how you can do it:

  • Share exclusive videos - Make special videos like behind-the-scenes or funny outtakes just for your community. It makes them feel like they're getting something extra.
  • Go live often - Have live sessions where you talk directly with your members. Answer their questions, talk about what videos you're planning, or just hang out together.
  • Written content - Videos are great, but try writing too. You could expand on your video topics in blog posts, share personal stories, or give tips.
  • User-generated content - Get your members to make their own stuff and show off the best ones. It makes everyone feel like they're part of the team.
  • Ask for suggestions - Always ask your community what they want to see next. It shows you're listening to them.

Encouraging Participation

It's important to get everyone in your community talking and taking part. Here's how to do it:

  • Q&A posts - Ask questions and have members reply in the comments. Then, jump into the conversation with your own thoughts.
  • Challenges/contests - Set up fun challenges or contests about making videos and give out prizes.
  • Surveys - Ask your community what they think about your video ideas or how you can make the platform better. Use their answers to make improvements.
  • Live events - Plan meetups or online events to help people connect more.
  • Reward top fans - Show some love to your biggest supporters with free stuff or shoutouts.

Monetizing Your Community

Making money from your community isn't just about ads or getting sponsors. When you create a space for your fans, you can also make money through memberships, special content, and more.

Membership Subscriptions

You can make some cash by offering special stuff for members who pay. Think about different levels of membership that give more cool things the more someone pays.

Entry Tier

  • No ads
  • Access to areas only for members
  • Monthly group video chat

Intermediate Tier

  • Everything in the Entry tier
  • Watch all your videos anytime
  • Download special content packs
  • See behind-the-scenes videos

Premium Tier

  • Everything in the lower tiers
  • Watch new videos first
  • Private chat room
  • Monthly one-on-one video call

Make sure to tell your fans why each level is worth it. Sometimes, offer deals to make joining even more tempting.

Selling Digital Downloads

You can also let your fans buy special digital stuff like:

  • Video tutorials
  • Ebooks and guides
  • Online courses
  • Audio files
  • Graphics, templates, and other tools

Have a shop right in your community space. Make buying easy and quick.

Offer really good, valuable downloads. Think about deals and extra offers at checkout.

Give members special discounts and early access to new stuff. This helps turn one-time buyers into regular customers.


Online community platforms are really helpful for video creators. They let you connect with your fans in a special place. With tools like Mighty Networks, Discord, and Circle, you can:

  • Share your videos, pictures, and updates straight with your biggest fans.
  • Talk with them through chat, live events, Q&As, and contests. This makes them more involved and loyal.
  • Give special stuff like early access to videos, behind-the-scenes looks, tutorials, and downloads to people who pay.
  • Use smart features like group sorting, easy payment options, and checking your success to make your community even better.

The main goal is to create a space that your fans love by letting them share their own stuff, having real talks, and making them feel like they're part of a group. This helps get more views, shares, tips, and people buying your merch. Plus, fans are more willing to pay for special access.

Creators should pick community platforms that fit with what they're about, what their audience likes, and how they want to make money. Focus on giving your fans something extra special that makes them want to stick around. With the right tools and approach, online communities help video creators directly grow their audience and make money.

What is the best platform to build community?

If you're looking to start an online community in 2024, here are some good options:

  • LearnWorlds - Great for making online schools with lots of customization.
  • Thinkific - Lets you create and sell online courses easily.
  • Hivebrite - Good for keeping in touch with alumni, organizing member communities, and planning events.
  • Discord - Awesome for chat-based communities with text and voice chat.
  • Mighty Networks - Offers tools for building membership sites, courses, events, and chatting.

These platforms help you make a welcoming space for your fans and can help you make money from their participation.

Where do content creators hang out online?

Creators like to be where they can:

  • YouTube - Post videos and talk to viewers in the comments.
  • TikTok - Share quick videos and work with other creators.
  • Twitch - Stream games live and chat with fans.
  • Reddit - Find communities to discuss ideas.
  • Discord - Create a chat space for text and voice chats.
  • Facebook Groups - Make a group to connect with fans.

They choose places that match what they do and let them talk directly with their audience.

How do you create a community as a creator?

To build a community, you can:

  • Encourage people to comment and ask questions on your stuff
  • Reply to comments to keep the talk going
  • Ask your followers things to start discussions
  • Go live and chat with viewers as it happens
  • Show what goes on behind the scenes
  • Work with other creators
  • Organize meetups for local fans

Doing these things helps turn people who follow you into a close-knit community.

What is an online community builder?

An online community builder is a tool that lets creators make their own social network. It usually has things like:

  • Ways to make it look like your own
  • Chat rooms and forums
  • Managing who joins
  • Ways to make money
  • Checking how well it's doing

These tools help creators make a place where fans can get together and also help them earn money.

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