Stylist Spotlight: Camila Coelho

published on 12 April 2024

Camila Coelho, a Brazilian fashion and beauty influencer, has made significant strides in the digital world and beyond. With a following of millions on YouTube and Instagram, she's not just a content creator but also an entrepreneur with her own fashion and skincare brands. Here's what you need to know about her journey:

  • Started as a makeup artist for Dior before launching her own YouTube channel and blog.
  • Launched her fashion brand, Camila Coelho Collection, in 2019, and a skincare brand, Elaluz, in 2020.
  • Uses her platform to advocate for epilepsy research and support organizations helping the homeless.
  • Notable for her unique style, she's collaborated with high-profile designers like Oscar de la Renta.

Camila's story is a testament to how passion, hard work, and a genuine approach can lead to success in multiple arenas, from fashion to philanthropy. Whether it's through her beauty tutorials, her personal style, or her commitment to important causes, Camila inspires her followers to pursue their dreams and make a difference.

Discovering a Love for Fashion and Beauty

Camila grew up in a small town in Brazil where she loved to play with makeup and try out different fashion styles. She got her first job at a makeup store in her town, where she learned a lot about beauty products and how to do makeovers. This job made her love makeup even more.

Even though she liked her small town, Camila always dreamed about moving to a big city. She was excited by the fancy world of fashion and beauty she saw in magazines and movies.

Gaining Confidence Through YouTube Tutorials


When Camila was 19, she moved to the United States. It was hard at first to get used to a new country. To help her learn English, Camila started watching YouTube videos.

She found some great videos where people taught how to do makeup. Trying out these makeup tips, Camila became more confident in trying bold looks.

People watching her videos encouraged her to start her own YouTube channel. She began sharing how to make high fashion looks work in everyday life. Her friendly way of talking and her makeup skills quickly got her a lot of followers.

YouTube helped Camila find her way. She loved teaching about beauty and style, and this passion led her to start her own makeup and skincare brand, Elaluz.

Elaluz: Bringing Clean Beauty to the Masses

Initial Planning and Securing Support

In early 2019, Camila started working on her dream of making a skincare brand called Elaluz. She wanted to make products that were good for the planet, used plants instead of chemicals, and didn't rely on a lot of plastic for packaging.

Camila teamed up with experts to pick the best ingredients from around the world. She also got help from her husband, Icaro Brenner, and some investors who liked her idea of affordable, clean skincare.

With a good team, Camila got ready to sell her products in Sephora stores in North America. She aimed to make better skincare options available for everyone.

Pivoting Launch Plans Due to COVID-19

In early 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it caused a lot of stores to close, including Sephora. This was a big problem for Camila's launch plan.

Instead of waiting, Camila decided to move forward with selling online. Elaluz started selling on Sephora's website in August 2020. She also used online events and social media to talk about her brand. Even though people were stuck at home, her products sold well online.

The pandemic made things like getting ingredients and making products harder. But Camila didn't give up. She found ways to deal with these problems, showing how important it is to keep going and find solutions.

Leveraging Her Platform for Good: Camila's Advocacy Efforts

Raising Awareness for Epilepsy Research

Camila's younger sister has epilepsy, which means she often has seizures. Growing up, it was tough for Camila to see her sister go through this and feel like she couldn't do much to help.

Now, with a lot of people following her online, Camila uses her voice to talk about epilepsy. In 2021, she teamed up with the Epilepsy Foundation to spread the word during National Epilepsy Awareness Month. She shared information about:

  • Why people get epilepsy
  • The different kinds of seizures
  • New research on how to treat it

Camila wants more people to understand epilepsy so there can be better treatments and a better life for those who have it.

Supporting Organizations Helping the Homeless

Camila also helps out with groups that give aid to people who don't have homes. These folks often struggle to get basic things like food, a safe place to live, and medical care.

Some of the groups she helps are:

  • The Midnight Mission: This group gives people in Los Angeles a place to stay, job training, and health care. Camila has given her time to help out here.
  • Covenant House: They give shelter and support to young people without homes. Camila has donated things and money to help.
  • Imagine LA: This organization connects families with someone who can guide them to set goals and find a stable place to live. Camila has talked about their work online.

Camila believes that to really make a difference in homelessness, lots of people need to keep helping out. She uses her online presence to encourage her followers to donate, volunteer, or even just spread the word.

Plans to Do Even More Good

Camila has faced her own challenges, like moving to a new country. She wants to support others who are going through tough times. She plans to:

  • Support more research on issues like epilepsy or finding solutions for homelessness
  • Give her time to groups that help people in need
  • Use her large online following to get more people to care about and help with these issues

Camila shows that people with a lot of followers can use their influence to talk about important issues and get others to take action. Even small efforts, if done consistently, can lead to big changes.

Signature Style and Notable Collaborations

Oscar de la Renta Gold Carnival Two-Piece

Camila turned heads when she showed up in a special gold outfit made just for her by Oscar de la Renta for the 2022 Carnival in Brazil.

Here's what made the outfit stand out:

  • All About the Gold: The outfit had a top and high-waist shorts all in gold sparkles that looked amazing as Camila moved.
  • A Nod to Brazil: The outfit mixed Oscar de la Renta's fancy style with the fun and colorful feel of Brazil's Carnival.
  • Made with Care: The designer, Fernando Garcia, and his team spent months working with Camila to get the outfit just right. They tried lots of designs and materials before choosing the final shiny look.
  • Tribute to Her Roots: Wearing this special outfit at Brazil's biggest party was Camila's way of celebrating her Brazilian background in style.

Camila really stood out in her unique Carnival outfit, celebrating her Brazilian heritage with a touch of Oscar de la Renta's famous glamour.


Camila Coelho on TapeReal: Exclusive Content for Creators

TapeReal's goal is to help creators share their real stories and useful tips. Camila Coelho fits right in because she's all about being genuine and connecting with her fans. Here's what she could share on TapeReal:

Behind-the-Scenes Content from Photoshoots and Video Shoots

Camila could let fans see what happens behind the camera during her photoshoots and video shoots. This might include:

  • Her team doing her hair and makeup
  • Funny mistakes or problems that come up while filming
  • The steps to edit and finish photos and videos

Fans who want to work in fashion or media would find this really interesting.

Live Streams with Other Creators

Another idea is for Camila to go live with other creators on TapeReal. This could be:

  • Talking with friends who also make content
  • Group talks on important topics like making your brand, dealing with being in the public eye, and staying mentally healthy

These live chats would be a great way for fans to hear real conversations and get advice.

Personal Vlogs Focused on Her Life

Lastly, Camila could post vlogs about her day-to-day life. This would help fans feel closer to her. She could talk about:

  • What she does every day
  • Her favorite things like makeup, clothes, or places to visit
  • How she handles tough times

These personal stories would help Camila connect more with her fans.

By sharing on TapeReal, Camila can show her fans the real side of her life in a friendly and safe place. This would also encourage new creators by showing that being yourself is the best way to succeed.

Conclusion and Key Takeaways

Camila Coelho's story is a powerful example of how following your passion can lead to big achievements. She started as a girl from a small town in Brazil and became a famous content creator and business owner with millions of fans all over the world.

Here's what we can learn from Camila:

  • Chase Your Dreams: Camila didn't let fear hold her back. She moved to a new country and worked hard to make her dreams come true. Her courage brought her many exciting opportunities.
  • Make a Job Out of What You Love: Camila turned her love for beauty, style, and talking to people into a career. She used blogging, YouTube, and her own brands to do what she enjoys.
  • Keep It Real: People love Camila because she's honest and down-to-earth. She shares both the good and the tough times, making her fans trust and relate to her.
  • Help Others: With more people following her, Camila started talking about important issues like epilepsy and helping the homeless. She shows her fans how they can also help make things better.
  • Don't Quit During Tough Times: Camila didn't stop when things got difficult, like moving to a new place or starting a business during a pandemic. She found new ways to keep going and didn't give up on her dreams.

Camila Coelho's journey from a small town to worldwide fame teaches us that with determination and a positive attitude, anyone can reach their goals. Her genuine nature and hard work make her a true inspiration.

Who is Camila Coelho's husband?

Camila Coelho is married to Icaro Brenner. They tied the knot in 2017 and had their first child, a boy named Kai, in 2022.

Did Camila Coelho have a C-section?

Yes, Camila Coelho had a C-section in February 2022. She had been in labor for 24 hours before the surgery. She was thankful that her son was born healthy and that there were no problems with the C-section.

Does Camila Coelho live in Miami?

Yes, Camila Coelho moved to Miami in 2022 and says it was a great choice. She got pregnant with her son Kai shortly after moving there. She jokes that the "Miami water" helped her get pregnant after trying for a while.

How did Camila Coelho get famous?

Camila Coelho first worked at a Dior makeup counter. Then, she started a YouTube channel where she shared makeup tutorials and beauty tips. Her videos became very popular, and now she has over 15 million followers on social media. This has made her one of the most well-known digital influencers in the world.

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