What is a Travel Creator?

published on 02 March 2024

Travel creators are individuals passionate about exploring the world and sharing their experiences online. They create content like photos, videos, blogs, and social media posts to inspire others to travel. Here's a quick overview of what it means to be a travel creator:

  • Travel creators produce diverse content related to their trips, offering tips, reviews, and personal stories.
  • They use various platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and blogs to reach their audience.
  • Monetization comes from different sources, including ads, partnerships with travel brands, and selling their own products.
  • Becoming a travel creator involves honing skills in storytelling, photography, videography, and social media.
  • Challenges include initial investments, building an audience, and dealing with online negativity.
  • The rewards can be substantial, offering a way to make a living while doing what you love: traveling.

This role has evolved from early travel blogging to today's multifaceted digital storytelling, with travel creators influencing tourism trends and destinations worldwide.

Understanding the Travel Creator

Evolution of Travel Creators

Travel content creation started in the early 2000s with travel blogs and websites for sharing photos. When social media came around in the late 2000s, travel creators started using these new platforms to share their stories.

In the last ten years, being a travel creator has changed a lot:

  • They moved from writing blogs to using Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok
  • They began making not just photos and blogs, but also videos and stories
  • What started as a hobby for some has become a full-time job for others
  • They make money through ads, working with brands, and other ways
  • They have a big influence on where people decide to travel and what they do

Now, travel creators share all kinds of content online and can make a good living doing it. Some of the top creators even earn more than $100k a year.

Skills and Tools

To be a good travel creator, you need to know how to do a few things well:

  • Storytelling - Tell interesting stories about your trips
  • Videography - Make cool travel videos
  • Photography - Take great pictures
  • Writing - Write posts and guides that people enjoy reading
  • Social media - Know how to share your content and get more followers

You also need some gear:

  • Camera - A good camera for taking pictures and videos
  • Smartphone - A phone for quick photos and sharing online
  • Editing software - Tools like Premiere Pro and Lightroom to make your content look better
  • Laptop - A computer for working while you travel
  • Drone - For taking unique photos and videos from the sky

Buying good equipment and always getting better at these skills is important for making great travel content.

Passion and Niche

To really do well as a travel creator, you need to love:

  • Finding new places
  • Learning about different cultures
  • Going on adventures
  • Sharing your travel experiences

It's also important to find a special area you're really interested in. For example:

  • Adventure travel
  • Reviewing fancy hotels
  • Food and wine trips
  • Tips for eco-friendly travel
  • Traveling with family

Focusing on what you love helps you stand out from other travel creators.

Becoming a Travel Creator

Becoming a travel creator is about turning your love for exploring new places into your job. You get to make cool content about your travels and share it with others. Here's a simple guide on how to start:

Learn Essential Skills

To make great travel content, you should work on a few important skills:

  • Writing - Practice writing stories that make people feel like they're right there with you.
  • Photography - Get better at taking photos by learning about how to frame shots, use light, and edit pictures.
  • Videography - Learn how to shoot and edit videos that show off your travels in an exciting way.
  • Social Media - Figure out how each social media platform works and what kind of content does best on each.

Try to get a little better every day and keep updating your work.

Find Your Niche

Think about what you love most about traveling:

  • Traveling alone as a woman
  • Fancy places
  • Food and drinks
  • Adventure
  • Traveling with family
  • Being eco-friendly

Focus your content on these interests. This helps you stand out and become known for something special.

Build Your Portfolio

At first, you might need to pay for your own trips and make content to show what you can do. You can also try to work out deals with hotels or tours where you get something for free in exchange for sharing about it.

Get to know people who work for places that want tourists to visit. They might invite you on trips for free.

Remember, it's more important to have a few really good pieces of content than lots of okay ones. Make sure everything you share shows off your unique view and skills.

Establish Your Online Presence

Start places online where you can share your work:

  • Blog - Write detailed articles and guides. Make sure people can find them through search engines.
  • YouTube - Post videos regularly. You can make some money by linking to products.
  • Instagram - Share photos and stories every day. Use hashtags so more people see your posts.

Share your new stuff across all your channels and talk to people who leave comments.

Monetize Through Sponsors and Affiliates

When you've got a good following, you can start making money in different ways:

  • Sponsored Content - Work with brands to make content for them.
  • Affiliate Programs - Get paid a little bit when people buy something you recommend.
  • Advertising - Put ads on your blog or videos.
  • Your Own Offerings - Sell your own stuff like photo prints, guides, or even tours.

Try to have a few different ways to make money, but always keep your content true to you.

Making content about your travels can be a fun and rewarding job. By focusing on what you love and sharing it in a creative way, you can make a living out of your adventures.

Challenges and Rewards

Being a travel creator is exciting but it's not always easy. Here's a quick look at the good and the tough parts:

Pros Cons
Earn money by traveling and creating content Might have to pay for trips yourself in the beginning
Be your own boss and choose when you work It could take a while to earn a good income
Share what you love about traveling with others You need to keep making new content all the time
There's a chance to make really good money Learning all the skills you need can be tough
Build a big group of fans who enjoy your work Dealing with mean comments online
Work with cool travel companies The risk of getting too stressed
Discover new places and have adventures Traveling alone might be unsafe sometimes

Managing Difficulties

Here are some common issues travel creators face and some tips on how to handle them:

  • Paying for trips - In the beginning, you'll likely need to cover your own travel costs. Saving money from other jobs, asking for free stays in exchange for a shoutout, using travel credit card points, or finding cheap flights can help.
  • Learning new skills - Creating top-notch content means always getting better at taking photos, making videos, writing, and editing. This requires setting aside time to learn, whether through online tutorials, classes, or feedback from peers.
  • Dealing with negativity - Not everyone will like what you do, and some might leave harsh comments. It's key to not let this get to you. Focus on the positive feedback instead.
  • Avoiding burnout - It's easy to work too much when you're traveling and creating content. Make sure to limit your work hours, take breaks, and remember why you started this journey.

Why It's Worth It

Even with its challenges, being a travel creator is very rewarding for those who put in the effort:

  • You're paid to travel and share your experiences, with the potential to earn a lot.
  • You have control over your work and can make your own schedule.
  • You connect with people who enjoy your travel stories and photos.
  • You have chances to collaborate with great travel brands.
  • Your work encourages others to travel and explore new cultures.

If you're determined, love travel, and are creative, you can make a successful career out of travel content creation. The hard parts only make the success feel even better.



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Case Studies

Here are some real stories about people who love to travel and made it their job:

Gaby, the Luxury Hotel Specialist

Gaby used to work as an accountant but didn't like sitting in an office all day. She started sharing pictures on Instagram of beautiful hotel rooms and pools she saw on her trips. In just a year, she got over 50,000 people following her because they liked her luxury travel pictures.

Soon, hotels began asking Gaby to stay with them for free to help promote their places. Now, she has 300,000 followers and makes content for fancy hotels and resorts full-time. She makes about $150,000 a year doing what she loves.

Mike, the National Parks Guy

Mike loved hiking and visiting U.S. national parks. He decided to start a YouTube channel and a blog about his adventures in these parks. His videos and articles about the parks' beauty and history got a lot of attention.

After 2 years, Mike had over 100,000 subscribers and left his desk job to work on his channel and blog full-time. He now earns a six-figure income from YouTube ads, affiliate money, and partnerships with outdoor gear and tourism companies.

Sarah, the Family Travel Maven

Sarah had trouble finding good travel tips for trips with her young kids. She started an Instagram account to share advice on family-friendly places and tips. Her honest and engaging stories quickly made her popular among parents.

In 3 years, Sarah gained over 200,000 followers on Instagram. She left her part-time job to focus on being a full-time travel content creator for families. Sarah earns a good living making social media posts, ebooks, online courses, and other products for parents who travel with kids.


If you love traveling, you can make it your job by being a travel creator. This means you share your travel experiences online and get people excited about visiting new places. Here's a simple way to do it:

  • Find what you love - Choose a travel topic you're really into. This makes your content special.
  • Learn and get better - Work on your skills like taking pictures, making videos, writing, and using social media. These skills help you create cool stuff people want to see.
  • Be seen online - Use websites, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to share your adventures. Talk to the people who follow you and post stuff often.
  • Work with others - Team up with other travel lovers, places that want visitors, and companies. This can help you get noticed more.
  • Handle the tough parts - Sometimes, it's hard to pay for trips or deal with mean comments. Planning and remembering why you started can help you keep going.

Making travel content is hard work, but it's also really rewarding. You get to share what you love and maybe even make money from it.

If exploring new places and making videos or writing about them sounds fun to you, then you should definitely give it a try. Travel is becoming popular again, and people are looking for new places to go and things to do.

Just go for it - use your camera, write about your trips, and talk about them online. The world is excited to hear your travel stories!


Here are some common questions and straightforward answers about starting as a travel creator:

How much money do I need to start as a travel creator?

Starting costs can change a lot, but here's a rough idea:

  • Camera: $500-$1,500 for a good starting camera
  • Lenses: $100-$300 for a good lens
  • Laptop: $700+ for a laptop that can handle photo and video editing
  • Editing software: $10-$20/month for editing photos and videos
  • Other gear: $300+ for things like microphones and drones
  • Initial travel: $500+ for your first trips to make content

You don't need everything at once. Start with what you can and improve your gear as you go.

When will I start making money?

It often takes 6-12 months to start making money. Building an audience and earning income takes time, so don't expect quick profits.

Stay patient, keep making great content, and connect with your audience. Money can come from ads, working with brands, and selling your own products.

What skills do I need?

You'll need skills like:

  • Storytelling: Telling interesting stories about your travels
  • Writing: Writing engaging stories and guides
  • Photography: Taking beautiful photos
  • Videography: Making interesting videos
  • Social media: Using platforms like Instagram and YouTube well
  • Marketing: Attracting and keeping followers
  • Tech: Handling websites and editing tools

Start with what you're good at and learn more as you go.

How do I find ideas for content?

Here are some ways to think of what to make:

  • Look at popular travel topics and add your own touch
  • Talk about new places before they get too popular
  • Share your own travel tips and lessons
  • Show how you plan and book trips
  • Give practical advice on packing, saving money, and getting around
  • Learn from locals and show less-known parts of places
  • Work with tourism boards and brands that fit your style

Listen to your followers' questions for more ideas. Stay curious and keep exploring!

What does a travel creator do?

A travel creator makes and shares stuff about their trips to help and inspire people who follow them. They do things like:

  • Write blog posts, make videos and photos, create guides, and post on social media about places, hotels, things to do, tips, and their travel stories
  • Grow a group of followers who like their travel style or focus
  • Plan their trips carefully to make interesting content
  • Work with brands that fit their travel vibe
  • Turn their love for travel into a job

How do I become a traveling content creator?

Here are 7 steps to start making travel content:

  • Learn key skills like taking good photos, making videos, writing, and using social media well
  • Pick your focus area such as adventure, luxury stays, or family trips
  • Connect with places and brands that want travelers to visit
  • Keep making stuff like blog posts and social media content to show what you can do
  • Think like a business to figure out how to make money, like through ads or working with brands
  • Stay on it by posting great content regularly and talking to your followers
  • Never stop traveling to keep finding new content ideas

What do you call a travel influencer?

A travel influencer is someone who has a lot of followers on social media and works with brands to promote travel spots, products, and experiences. They can also be known as travel bloggers, vloggers, or journalists.

How do I become a UGC travel creator?

To make travel content that brands might want to use:

  • Be active in online travel groups
  • Offer your photo skills to brands with cool ideas
  • Sell your travel photos to brands through online platforms
  • Team up with other travel creators
  • Make real, good-quality photos and videos that brands would want
  • Learn what brands are looking for and make stuff that fits

The main thing is to make content that's true to you but also what brands and followers would like.

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