YouTuber Spotlight: Unbox Therapy

published on 12 April 2024

Unbox Therapy, led by Lewis Hilsenteger, is a YouTube sensation in the tech community, known for its engaging unboxing videos and tech reviews. Starting from humble beginnings in 2010, the channel has grown to over 16 million subscribers, thanks to its authentic content and consistent upload schedule. Here’s what you need to know about Unbox Therapy:

  • Authenticity: Lew's genuine enthusiasm for technology connects deeply with viewers, making the channel a trusted source for tech reviews.
  • Consistency: Regular uploads of 2-3 videos per week have helped maintain a loyal viewer base.
  • Viral Content: Strategic use of catchy titles and engaging thumbnails has led to viral successes, notably the 'Bendgate' video.
  • Entertainment Focus: The channel has evolved to prioritize entertainment, broadening its appeal beyond just tech enthusiasts.

Unbox Therapy not only reviews the latest gadgets but also focuses on creating an entertaining experience for its viewers, making it a standout channel in the tech community on YouTube.

Lew Hilsenteger's Background

Lew Hilsenteger was born in 1984 in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. He always loved tech and gadgets, even when he was a kid. Lew was big into video games and even put together his own gaming computers.

He went to Seneca College in Toronto to study business marketing. After finishing college, Lew got a job at an IT company where he looked after servers and networks. But he didn't really enjoy it and wanted to do something more with his love for gadgets.

In 2009, Lew started a small business from his house where he fixed computers and gave IT advice to local businesses and people. This job gave him the chance to start making YouTube videos in his spare time.

Founding Unbox Therapy

Lew launched Unbox Therapy on YouTube in March 2010. He picked the name because he was excited about opening up and showing off new tech stuff.

At first, Lew made videos by himself in his basement using just a webcam. His videos were real and honest, as he opened up new phones, computers, game stuff, and other tech gadgets.

As more people started watching, the videos got better in quality. By 2014, Unbox Therapy had 1 million people following it. Lew then got more people to help with making and editing videos, and taking care of the channel.

Now, Unbox Therapy is a big deal on YouTube, with over 16 million followers and billions of views on their videos. Even with all this success, Lew keeps things real, sharing his genuine excitement and interest in the latest tech.

Rise to YouTube Stardom

Unbox Therapy quickly became a big deal on YouTube. Starting in 2010, it wasn't long before it became one of the go-to channels for tech stuff. Two big moments helped make this happen: the "Bendgate" issue with the iPhone and when Lew showed us his filming buddy, Jack McCann, for the first time.

The Bendgate Controversy

In September 2014, Lew posted a video that showed the new iPhone 6 Plus could bend pretty easily. This video got a lot of people talking and was called "Bendgate."

This video got more than 51 million views and made a lot of people question Apple's design. Because of this video, Unbox Therapy got a huge boost in followers.

Lew wasn't trying to make Apple look bad. He just wanted to see if the iPhone 6 Plus was as strong as other phones. But, the video ended up showing a big problem with the phone that Apple had to deal with.

This situation really showed that Lew was willing to give honest reviews, even if it meant calling out big companies. It also brought a lot of new people to Unbox Therapy.

Revealing Jack McCann

In December 2018, when Unbox Therapy hit 10 million subscribers, Lew shared a special video introducing us to Jack McCann, his filming partner.

Jack had been working with Lew since 2015, but no one knew who he was. Showing Jack was a big deal for fans. It gave us a peek into how Unbox Therapy makes videos and showed how much the channel has grown.

Sharing this with fans was a great way to celebrate hitting 10 million followers. It made long-time viewers feel appreciated and got new people interested in the channel.

Content Strategy and Viral Success

Lew focuses on making his videos fun and likely to be shared to get more views and subscribers. He makes sure the titles, pictures, and ideas in his videos grab your attention and make you want to watch them. His videos aren't just about reviewing products anymore; they're more about having a good time.

Optimization for Virality

Lew does a few things to help his videos go viral:

Catchy Titles

He uses titles that make you curious or surprised:

  • "I Bent the Unbendable..."
  • "The Best iPhone Case Ever!?"

Big Reactions in Thumbnails

The pictures you see before clicking the video show big reactions or surprises:

Comparison Table

Technique Example Effect
Catchy Titles "I Bent the Unbendable..." Makes you want to click the video
Big Reactions in Thumbnails Surprised faces Grabs your attention when looking through YouTube

Prioritizing Entertainment

Unbox Therapy has shifted from just talking about tech to focusing on making the videos fun. This change has made more people watch and subscribe. Viewers enjoy Lew's reactions and the excitement more than just hearing about the technical details. The channel connects with viewers by sharing the thrill of discovering new tech.

Building the Unbox Therapy Brand

Lew has made a unique personal brand around being real and excited about tech. Viewers feel like they're part of the action when he opens and tries out new gadgets.

Being consistent is important too. Viewers know they'll get Lew's honest excitement about the latest tech every time. This helps Unbox Therapy stand out from other channels.

As the channel has grown, Lew has made sure to include his fans in the journey. Actions like showing us Jack for the first time make viewers feel valued and build a strong community around the channel.

Key Factors Behind the Channel's Success

Upload Consistency

Unbox Therapy keeps things fresh by posting new videos about tech 2-3 times a week. This regular schedule means fans always have something new to watch, and it helps YouTube suggest Unbox Therapy's videos more often. Sticking to this routine has been key for Lew in keeping his 16+ million subscribers coming back for more.


Lew's real excitement for tech shines through in his videos. When he opens up a new gadget, it's like he's sharing the experience with friends. He's just a regular person who loves tech, and this honesty is why so many people like watching his channel. Being real from the start has helped him connect with viewers.

Content Evolution

Unbox Therapy's videos have changed over time to keep things interesting. While unboxing is still popular, the channel now includes more fun and creative videos, like Lew reacting to things or trying out internet trends. This shift has made the channel more entertaining. Lew has also started making things like branded merchandise and mobile games to give fans new ways to engage with Unbox Therapy.


Influence on the Tech Community

Unbox Therapy has really changed how people see tech videos on YouTube in a few important ways:

Inspiring a New Generation of Tech Reviewers

Lew has a way of making tech reviews fun and interesting. He’s shown that you don't just have to talk about the specs. You can make it about the experience, and that’s cool. This has encouraged lots of others to start their own channels, adding their own flavor to tech reviews.

Normalizing Unboxing Videos

In the beginning, not many people were doing unboxing videos. Lew changed that. His excitement for opening new gadgets made these types of videos really popular. Now, you see unboxing videos for all sorts of things, not just tech.

Bringing Tech Issues to Light

Remember the iPhone 6 bending issue? That was a big deal. It showed that people like Lew can make even the big companies listen if they point out problems. Now, it’s more common for tech reviewers to speak up if something’s not right with a product.

Connecting Enthusiasts

Unbox Therapy has created a place where people who love gadgets can get together and talk about the latest tech. It’s like a community where everyone shares the same hobby. Lew’s videos often start conversations where people can share their excitement and opinions.

Ushering in Branded Content

As the channel got bigger, Lew started working with brands to make special videos. This wasn’t very common when he first started. Now, it’s a big part of being a YouTuber, especially for tech channels. It’s a way for them to make money and keep making content.

Lew’s approach to tech videos has really made a difference. He’s shown that tech reviews can be about more than just the details; they can be fun and bring people together.

Potential Collaborations with TapeReal

Unbox Therapy, a big name in tech on YouTube, could team up with TapeReal in cool ways. Here's what they could do together:

Exclusive Unboxing Videos

Unbox Therapy is known for its exciting videos where Lew opens up new gadgets. He could make special videos just for TapeReal, showing off new tech before anyone else. Fans might need to sign up to see these videos, which could attract more people to join.

Lew might also let his viewers pick which gadgets he unboxes next. The one with the most votes gets its own video.

Live Tech Talks

Lew loves talking about the latest tech. He could have live chats on TapeReal about new tech announcements.

When big tech events happen, like Apple's announcements or CES, Lew could give his thoughts live. This way, fans can feel like they're part of the event, discussing it with Lew and others.

Collaborative Testing

Lew could test new products in his videos, which his fans enjoy. He might even ask viewers for ideas on what to test or to send in their gadgets for testing. This makes the audience feel involved.

Testing products this way shows how well they work and if they're worth buying.

Behind the Scenes Content

People liked seeing behind the scenes when Lew introduced Jack. He could share more about what goes into making Unbox Therapy videos on TapeReal.

He could show what a typical day looks like for them or how they come up with ideas for videos. This gives fans a closer look at Lew and his team.

Teaming up with TapeReal fits well with Lew's focus on tech and offers new ways for fans to connect. Exclusive content and special access could make the Unbox Therapy experience even better.


Unbox Therapy has come a long way from its humble beginnings, with Lew starting out by himself in his basement, to now being one of the top channels on YouTube for tech lovers.

Here are the main reasons why Unbox Therapy has become so big:

  • Authenticity: Lew's real love for tech shines through in his videos. It feels like he's sharing his tech finds with friends, not just viewers.
  • Consistency: Lew has been posting new videos 2-3 times a week since 2010. This regular schedule has helped him keep his audience coming back for more.
  • Viral content: Lew knows how to make his videos catchy, with titles and thumbnails that make people want to watch. Big moments, like the Bendgate video or when he introduced Jack, brought in lots of new viewers.
  • Entertainment focus: The channel has moved towards being more about fun than just tech specs. Lew's reactions and the way he presents tech in an engaging way have attracted a broader audience.

Unbox Therapy was one of the first tech channels to really take off on YouTube, and Lew has shown that tech videos can be both informative and fun.

Even after more than ten years, Lew keeps things interesting by trying out new ideas and listening to what his fans want. This has helped Unbox Therapy grow into a well-known brand beyond just YouTube, with a huge following of over 16 million subscribers and billions of views. It's clear that Unbox Therapy will continue to be a favorite place for the latest in tech and a source of genuine enthusiasm for gadgets.

What is the Unbox Therapy controversy?

In 2014, Lewis Hilsenteger from Unbox Therapy showed in a video that the iPhone 6 Plus could bend easily if you tried. This video, known as "Bendgate," got more than 51 million views and caused a big fuss because it pointed out a big design mistake in the iPhone 6 Plus that Apple had to fix.

Unbox Therapy didn't mean to make Apple look bad, but the video did show that Hilsenteger is serious about giving honest reviews, even for big brands. This honesty is a big reason why so many people like Unbox Therapy.

How much is Unbox Therapy worth?

Unbox Therapy makes about $2.4 million a year from YouTube, thanks to its over 16 million subscribers and billions of views. Lew's income from Unbox Therapy can reach up to $200K a month. He also makes about $98K a year from a second channel, adding up to more than $2.5 million a year from YouTube. With over ten years of being popular on YouTube, Unbox Therapy's total worth is probably around $10 million.

Who is the owner of Unbox Therapy?

Lewis Hilsenteger, a tech lover from Toronto, Canada, started Unbox Therapy in 2010. Lew has been the main person on Unbox Therapy since the start and still runs the channel, with a small team helping him make videos. Lew's real interest in tech keeps Unbox Therapy going strong.

What is the biggest unboxing channel on YouTube?

With more than 16 million subscribers, Unbox Therapy is the biggest tech unboxing channel on YouTube. Other big tech unboxing channels include Marques Brownlee with over 16 million subscribers and Tech Unboxing with 5.67 million.

Lew Hilsenteger is a top name in tech unboxings on YouTube. He was one of the first to show that unboxing videos can be fun and interesting for tech fans.

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