Creator Feature: Yoga with Adriene

published on 31 March 2024

Adriene Mishler, the face behind the Yoga With Adriene YouTube channel, has revolutionized how people perceive and practice yoga globally. With over 11 million followers, her approach combines authenticity, personal connection, and a deep understanding of the needs of her audience. Here's a quick glance at how Adriene built a yoga empire:

  • Empowering Creators: Adriene grew her channel independently, showcasing the power of personal branding.
  • Personality-Driven Content: Her relatable and easy-going nature made yoga accessible to everyone.
  • Monetizing Passion: From sponsored videos to subscription services, Adriene found diverse income streams.
  • Community Engagement: She's built a supportive community, emphasizing mental health and well-being.
  • Overcoming Challenges: Despite initial financial struggles and industry skepticism, Adriene's commitment to authenticity and community building led to success.

Adriene's story is not just about yoga; it's about how dedication, authenticity, and a focus on community can turn passion into a thriving online presence. Her journey offers valuable lessons for content creators on building a loyal following and making an impact.

Discovering Yoga at 17

Adriene first tried yoga when she was 17 years old, living in Austin, Texas. She went to a few beginner classes at a local studio and instantly loved it. The way yoga combined breathing and movement made her feel relaxed, strong, and focused.

Attempts to Share Yoga Passion

After doing yoga for a few years, Adriene wanted to teach it to others. In 2003, she started a business called "Love Kids Yoga" to teach yoga to kids, but it didn't make enough money. She tried again in 2005 with "Austin Darling Yoga," offering classes for adults who were new to yoga, but this didn't work out either.

Partnership with Chris Sharpe

In 2012, Adriene's boyfriend, Chris Sharpe, suggested she could teach yoga online through YouTube. At first, Adriene wasn't sure, but she liked the idea of teaching yoga her way and getting to perform a bit, like she did in her acting. Chris helped by filming and making the videos. Their YouTube channel, "Yoga With Adriene," quickly became popular, showing there was a big demand for free yoga classes you could do at home.

Launching Yoga With Adriene

Commitment Despite Struggles

When Adriene and Chris started their YouTube channel, Yoga With Adriene, in 2012, they really put their hearts into it, even though they weren't sure it would take off. They were both making ends meet with part-time jobs and had to be careful with their budget. They filmed their yoga videos in their tiny apartment, using just an iPhone and a few inexpensive lights. Editing the videos took a long time, often more than 8 hours for a video that was only about 10 minutes long.

But they kept going because they believed in what they were doing: offering free yoga sessions for beginners at home. It was hard to keep going when money was tight and the work took so much time, but they never gave up.

Focus on Serving New Audiences

Adriene and Chris decided to do something different from what other yoga channels were doing. They wanted to make videos for people who had never tried yoga before.

Adriene used her skills as an actress to be warm and welcoming on camera, making beginners feel comfortable. Her videos focused on enjoying yoga rather than doing every pose perfectly. This approach was really helpful for people who were new to yoga and might feel shy about trying it.

This strategy helped Yoga With Adriene stand out and attract viewers who were looking for an easy way to start practicing yoga at home. It was a smart move that helped the channel grow quickly.

Strategies for Growth

Authentic Content

Adriene made her YouTube channel big by staying true to herself. She didn't try to change her videos to get more views. Instead, she focused on making real, quality yoga videos that matched her way of teaching.

Key points about her content:

  • She filmed in her house to make the videos feel more personal and welcoming.
  • Her videos are natural and friendly, like having a chat with a friend.
  • The yoga practices are about taking care of yourself, which is great for beginners.
  • Even as her videos got better in quality, they kept a simple, homemade feel.

By sticking to her style and not following trends, Adriene created a channel that many people looking for calm and easy yoga could connect with.

Building Community

A big part of why people love Yoga With Adriene is the kind and supportive community that has grown around it.

How she built this community:

  • Adriene makes everyone feel welcome, no matter their yoga level.
  • The comments section is full of thank you messages, encouragement, and people sharing their stories.
  • Every month, there's a new challenge that brings everyone together to practice yoga.
  • Offering free videos makes yoga accessible to those who can't afford yoga classes.

This welcoming and supportive vibe draws in people who are looking for a sense of belonging and community. Adriene focuses on the joy of practicing yoga together, not just doing hard poses.

Tiered Monetization

Adriene only started making money from her channel after she had a lot of loyal followers. She found a way to make money while keeping most of her content free.

  • Her YouTube channel is still free, and there are no ads during the videos.
  • For a small fee, "Yoga With Adriene" subscribers get extra videos.
  • She offers paid online courses on things like how to deal with stress.
  • You can also buy Yoga With Adriene branded items like clothes and yoga mats.

This approach lets Adriene make money from her worldwide fans without giving up her goal of offering free yoga videos to everyone.

Overcoming Obstacles

Adriene and Chris didn't have an easy start with their Yoga With Adriene channel. They faced a few big hurdles but managed to come out on top thanks to their hard work and smart thinking.

Financial Uncertainty

In the beginning, in 2012, there was no big money or investors helping them out. Both Adriene and Chris were juggling part-time jobs while trying to make their yoga videos. They barely had enough to cover their rent for their tiny place. Despite being short on cash, they poured everything into making quality videos with just an iPhone and some simple lights because they believed in sharing yoga with everyone.

"We were working with what we had, an iPhone and some clip lights we got at the hardware store. Money was tight but we just kept going." - Adriene

They didn't let money troubles stop them. They kept pushing forward, believing in their mission to make yoga free and accessible, and their genuine approach helped them build a strong community.

Niche Positioning

Adriene decided to focus on beginners rather than people who were already good at yoga. Some people doubted if beginners would really watch online or if aiming for advanced viewers would attract more people.

Adriene wanted her videos to be a friendly place for people who had never tried yoga before. She believed in creating a community rather than just showing off tough poses. This choice to focus on beginners helped her connect with her audience better.

"I wanted our videos to feel welcoming to someone who's never tried yoga before, not just advanced yogis who can touch their toes. That personal connection kept people coming back."

Choosing to focus on a specific group of people who were new to yoga worked out really well, setting a path for other online yoga teachers.

Lack of Industry Recognition

Even though lots of people were watching Yoga With Adriene, the bigger yoga world didn't really notice her. Being on her own without connections to the big names in yoga, Adriene wasn't taken very seriously at first.

Instead of trying to fit in with the yoga elite, Adriene put her energy into connecting with her viewers. She built a strong and active community that supported her more than any award ever could.

"We weren't worried about getting credit from big yoga people. Our amazing community supported us more than any award could."

By focusing on her viewers and staying positive, Adriene was able to grow her platform into something huge and inspiring for other online creators.


Impact and Legacy

Adriene Mishler and her Yoga With Adriene channel have made a huge splash in the world of yoga. Let's look at what they've achieved over the years:

Unparalleled Reach and Engagement

Adriene's YouTube channel has more than 10 million followers and her videos have been watched over 750 million times. That's a lot of people doing yoga with her! Each video gets watched by millions, and her monthly yoga challenges are super popular, with over 300,000 people joining in.

Mainstreaming Online Yoga

Adriene was one of the first to show that yoga could be taught online for free. She made it easy for beginners to start, and now, many others teach yoga online too. But even after 10 years, Adriene is still at the top.

Monetizing Free Content

Even though her main yoga videos are free, Adriene found smart ways to make money:

  • She offers extra videos for a small fee.
  • She earns money when people buy products she recommends.
  • Some of her videos are sponsored.
  • She sells Yoga With Adriene merchandise.

This way, she can make a living without charging for all her videos.

Mental Health Advocacy

Adriene talks openly about how yoga can help with stress and anxiety, making it okay to talk about mental health. She shares her own stories, helping to remove the stigma around these issues.

Inspiring a Movement

Adriene's community started a campaign called "Yoga Every Damn Day" where thousands of people committed to doing yoga every day as a form of self-care. This shows how Adriene's work has changed lives beyond just her videos.

In short, Adriene Mishler has become a big name in yoga. She's shown how to share yoga online and promote physical and mental well-being in a big way.

Key Takeaways for Creators

Adriene Mishler's journey with Yoga With Adriene gives us some good lessons for creators looking to make a strong community on platforms like TapeReal:

Be Authentic and Personable

Adriene acts like a friend in her videos, making people feel at home. Here's how you can do it too:

  • Record videos in places that feel real and comfy.
  • Talk naturally, like you're chatting with a friend.
  • Share your own stories, even the not-so-perfect parts, to seem more real.

Start with Serving the Audience

Adriene made videos for beginners first, focusing on their needs over making money. Here's what you can learn:

  • Find out what your viewers really need from you.
  • Put making good content and being reliable before thinking about money.

Facilitate Community Building

Adriene's followers support and cheer each other on. Here's how to build that:

  • Answer comments to show you're listening.
  • Start challenges to get viewers involved.
  • Create content that people want to share.

Take a Gradual Monetization Approach

Adriene waited until she had lots of followers before making money. She keeps most of her stuff free. Here are some tips:

  • Build trust before asking for money.
  • Offer special things that true fans will want to buy.
  • Look for sponsors that match what your audience likes.

Persevere Through Challenges

Adriene kept going even when money was tight and she wasn't famous yet. Here's what to remember:

  • Keep your focus on the people you're making content for.
  • Let the support from your followers keep you going when it's tough.
  • Remember, getting big takes time.

By being real and caring about her viewers, Adriene made a welcoming community and found a smart way to earn money that also helps her followers. Creators should remember to put people first, not money.

How much money does Yoga With Adriene make from YouTube?

Adriene probably makes more than $2 million a year just from the ads on her YouTube videos. This doesn't count the money she gets from special deals, her paid membership plan, or events she holds. By sharing yoga on YouTube, Adriene has been able to make good money and keep her goal of making yoga something everyone can try.

What kind of dog is Adrienne's dog Benji?

Benji, Adriene's dog, is a blue heeler. He's one of the most well-known dogs on YouTube, but he's stayed humble and friendly despite his fame.

Does Adriene Mishler have a yoga studio?

Yes, Adriene co-owns a yoga studio called Practice Yoga Austin in Austin, Texas. She's also involved with Fusebox Live arts festival and Medicinal Media, a group that works to raise awareness about mental health.

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