Developing an Online Community: Content Creation Tips

published on 25 March 2024

If you're embarking on creating or nurturing an online community, here are essential tips to keep in mind:

  • Understand Your Audience: Dive deep into who your followers are and what they're passionate about.
  • Foster Engagement: Create interactive content that prompts discussions, shares, and participation.
  • Be Authentic: Share real stories and behind-the-scenes glimpses to build trust and connection.
  • Diversify Your Content: Experiment with different types of content to keep your community engaged and interested.
  • Offer Exclusive Perks: Reward your loyal followers with content that's just for them.
  • Highlight Your Community: Make your followers the stars by showcasing their contributions.
  • Maintain a Regular Posting Schedule: Consistency is key to keeping your community engaged.

By following these strategies, you can develop a thriving online community that feels valued, heard, and connected.

Identifying Your Audience

Getting to know the people who watch your videos is key to making stuff they'll love. If you're creating for TapeReal, take some time to really dig into who your audience is.

  • Look at your video stats to see things like how old your viewers are, where they're from, and if they're mostly guys or gals. This helps you understand who they are.

  • Pay attention to what people are saying in comments or messages. What topics get them excited or talking?

  • Notice which of your videos get a lot of likes or shares. What's special about them?

  • Directly ask your viewers what they want to see more of. Quick polls can help you get their opinions fast.

Knowing your audience well means you can come up with video ideas that really connect with them. You'll be able to see things from their point of view and create content that hits the mark.

Analyzing Community Interests

Use TapeReal's tools to keep an eye on what your community likes.

  • Follow feeds about topics that both you and your viewers are into. Check out what's popular in those areas.

  • Look at the top hashtags in your niche. See which ones are getting a lot of attention right now.

  • Pay attention to which types of videos are getting more views. Maybe short stories are in, and how-tos are out, for now.

  • Keep checking your video stats to see if there are any new trends in who's watching or where they're coming from.

Staying up-to-date with what your viewers like helps you keep your content fresh and interesting. Try new things based on what's trending and what your stats are telling you. Listening to your community and adapting your content can help you build a stronger connection with your fans. TapeReal makes it easy to see what's hot, test out new ideas, and keep your followers engaged.

Content Creation Strategies

Leveraging Authenticity

Being real and open is super important for making a strong bond with your audience. Share true stories from your life that show who you really are. When you're honest, people can relate to you better.

Some ideas:

  • Record a video diary about your goals, struggles, and successes each week. Let people really get to know you.

  • Do a live stream where you talk about something you're dealing with or how you're feeling, whether it's good or bad. Answer people's comments as they come.

  • Share clips of mistakes and funny moments while making videos. It's entertaining and shows you're just like everyone else.

People love it when you're genuine. The more you open up, the closer your community will feel to you.

Diversifying Content Types

Try making different kinds of videos to keep things interesting.

Some types to try:

  • Early video drops - Let fans see new videos first. It makes them feel important.

  • Behind-the-scenes footage - Show short clips of how you make videos or what happens on the way to shoots.

  • Bonus materials - Share extra footage, longer versions, funny mistakes, or scenes you didn't use in your main videos.

  • Interactive polls - Ask your viewers fun questions and let them vote. It's also a good way to get their opinions.

  • Collaborations - Work with other creators to make fun new videos together.

  • Live streams - Go live to chat, share what you're doing, answer questions, and more. It feels more personal.

Mixing up your content keeps things fresh and gives your fans more ways to engage with you and your work.

Utilizing Exclusive Content

Give your subscribers special content that only they can see. This extra stuff gives your biggest fans more of what they love and a closer look into your world.

Some exclusive content ideas:

  • Full-length videos
  • More behind-the-scenes footage
  • Access to live streams
  • Entry to giveaways just for members
  • Shoutouts from you
  • Polls to choose what videos you make next
  • Early access to new videos
  • Monthly Q&A sessions

Make special content to thank your VIP fans for their support, give them reasons to keep subscribing, and let them help decide what videos you make.

Offering special perks to subscribers not only makes them feel more connected to you and your channel but also helps you earn more through TapeReal.

Engaging Your Community

Interactive Content Ideas

Keep your community active and feeling connected with these fun video ideas:

  • AMAs (Ask Me Anything) - Go live and let your viewers ask you anything. Just be open and honest in your answers.
  • Contests/giveaways - Give away prizes for the best fan art, the funniest meme, or the most creative video idea.
  • Virtual events - Have a party, movie night, or game night online. Make sure to get everyone talking and involved.
  • Creative collaborations - Let your fans be a part of your videos, help with ideas, or decide on what content comes next.
  • Polls and surveys - Find out what your viewers think about different video ideas or what they’d like to see more of. Use their suggestions to make your content better.

Using polls, answering questions, and getting your followers to join in shows you care about what they think.

Member Spotlight

Make your most active community members feel special:

  • Say thank you in your videos or live streams. Use their names and talk about what they've done.

  • Share their photos or videos on your page and say who they are.

  • Make a video series just about your top fans. You could interview them live or record a chat.

  • Give them special things like their own emoji, badges, or access to a chat just for members.

  • Let some fans see your videos first and tell you what they think.

Highlighting active members makes everyone feel more together and appreciated.

Encouraging User-Generated Content

Get your fans to make and share their own content:

  • Challenges - Start fun activities like "Copy my first video" or "Share your day."
  • Hashtags - Use special hashtags for your community to tag their own art, videos, or reactions. Show off the best ones.
  • Contests - Have contests for the best video, photo, or meme. Give prizes and share what people make.
  • React videos - Ask your viewers to make videos talking about what they think of your latest content.

When fans see their work on your page, they feel like they’re a real part of what you’re building. It keeps them involved and creative.


Keeping Your Community Growing

Stick to a Regular Posting Plan

It's really important to post videos regularly if you want people to keep coming back. If they know when to expect your next video, they're more likely to watch it.

  • Pick a schedule you can manage - Start with something doable for you. You can always post more often later on.
  • Tell your fans when to expect new stuff - Let them know your posting schedule. You can put it in your channel info or in a welcome message.
  • Use the TapeReal calendar - It has a calendar feature that helps you plan and keep track of your posting schedule.
  • Remind your fans - Use alerts, posts, or emails to let people know when you're about to drop a new video.
  • Look at when people watch - Check out when your videos get the most views and engagement. This can help you pick the best times to post.

Keeping a regular schedule helps your fans know when to check in. Over time, you'll see when they like to watch and can adjust your schedule to fit.

Check How Your Videos Are Doing

TapeReal has tools to help you see how people are interacting with your videos. Keep an eye on:

  • How many people watch your videos
  • How long they watch
  • Likes and comments
  • How often your videos are shared
  • Clicks from your posts
  • New vs. returning viewers
  • Where your viewers come from
  • Changes in your subscriber count

Regularly look at these numbers to understand what your audience likes. Think about:

  • Are more people watching or subscribing?
  • Which videos get the most likes and comments?
  • Do people watch the whole video?
  • Where are your viewers coming from?

Use this info to keep making videos that your fans love. Try new things, see how they do, and keep doing what works.

Keep Improving Your Videos

Listen to what your fans say to make your videos better:

  • Ask them what they want - You can do polls to get ideas for new videos.

  • Read the comments - Pay attention to what people say about your videos. Look for suggestions, questions, or things they want to see.

  • Check which videos do well - Make more videos like the ones that get a lot of engagement.

  • Try out new video types - Test different kinds of videos to see what your fans think before you make a big change.

  • Use fan feedback - If a lot of people ask for something, try it out and see how it goes.

By always listening, trying new things, and checking the results, you can find out what works best for your community.


Building a cool online group where people feel connected takes work, but it's totally doable. When you really get what your audience likes and keep giving them great stuff, they'll stick around and even bring their friends.

Here's the lowdown:

  • Get to know who's watching and make stuff just for them. Look at who they are and what they're into.
  • Stick to a schedule so everyone knows when you'll post something new. You'll figure out the best times to share your videos.
  • Mix up your content with different kinds of videos, like peeks behind the scenes and live chats. Make some videos just for people who support you with money.
  • Get everyone involved by asking questions, running contests, and showing off what your followers create.
  • Always be listening and getting better by keeping an eye on what videos do well and asking for people's opinions. Reply to comments.
  • Keep it real and earn trust by sharing your true self. People dig authenticity and it helps them feel closer to you.

By focusing on making your followers happy, offering them cool stuff, and building honest relationships, you can grow an awesome community. TapeReal has all the tools you need to turn your hobby into something that brings people together.

Start making your group tighter today by sharing real stories and saying thanks to those who support you. Be consistent, be yourself, and always listen. Your community is out there waiting for you!

How do you create a successful online community?

To make a good online community:

  • Be clear about what your community is for and what you hope to achieve, like helping creators or making it easier for people to connect.
  • Set rules to make sure everyone is nice and respectful.
  • Pick a platform that fits what your community needs.
  • Find and get involved with important members like creators, experts, and supporters.
  • Organize user roles and permissions to encourage people to join in.
  • Keep people interested with contests, special content, and fun features.
  • Grow your community the smart way by spreading the word and welcoming newcomers.

How do you create a community as a content creator?

As someone who makes content, you can build a community by:

  • Knowing your special area and who you're making content for.
  • Making sure everything you post is good quality and fits your style.
  • Always talking back to people who comment.
  • Using fun stuff like polls and Q&As.
  • Working with fans on videos or projects.
  • Showing off what active users do and sharing things they make.
  • Planning live streams to connect in real-time.

How do you make a thriving online community?

To make a really active online community:

  • Decide what you want from the community, like more engagement, making money, or getting leads.
  • Really get to know your target users and see what other similar communities are doing.
  • Pick the right platforms for your community's goals.
  • Set up rules for moderators and how things should run.
  • Give users reasons to stick around with rewards and special perks.
  • Have a team to look after the community every day.
  • Let people know about your community through social media.

The trick is to make experiences that users love by really understanding what they need and making it fun to be part of the community.

How do you create community driven content?

To make content that's driven by your community:

  • Be clear about what your platform is for and who it's aimed at.
  • Have a consistent way of talking and presenting your brand.
  • Group your content into themes that matter to your users.
  • Ask for content from your users.
  • Use different types of content like articles, videos, and forums.
  • Keep a schedule of what you're going to post.
  • Make rules for how the community should behave and handle moderation.
  • Provide resources to help users learn new skills.

Making content focused on your community means involving your users from the start to the end. Paying attention to what they like and want helps keep them engaged for a long time.

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