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They are the wanderlusters, the explorers, and the storytellers of far-off lands. Travel Escapes creators take you on thrilling journeys, sharing travel guides, breathtaking photographs, and immersive tales of adventure. From pristine beaches to ancient ruins, this community unlocks the hidden gems of the world, inspiring you to embark on your own transformative escapades. Join them to expand your horizons, connect with fellow travelers, and ignite your passion for discovering the beauty of our planet.

World Travel Market Size

Social Media is making Travel accessible to everyone

  • 25% recovery

    The global travel and tourism industry is projected to recover by the end of 2023, with an estimated growth rate of 25%, as international borders reopen and travel restrictions ease.

  • 68% increase

    Sustainable and eco-friendly travel has gained popularity, with a 68% increase in searches for eco-conscious destinations and accommodations, reflecting a growing interest in responsible tourism and environmental preservation.

  • $170 million growth

    Adventure travel and experiential tourism are on the rise, as travelers seek unique and immersive experiences, such as wildlife safaris, cultural immersion, and outdoor activities. Growing by $170 million since the turn of the millennium.

Did you know?

Random Travel Facts

It's getting chilly!

 Did you know that Antarctica is the coldest, driest, and windiest continent on Earth? It is also the least populated, with no permanent residents and no time zones.


Did you know that the Great Wall of China, spanning over 13,000 miles (21,196 kilometers), is one of the most iconic man-made structures and can even be seen from space?

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