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Who are Music creators?

They are the melodious virtuosos, the rhythm enthusiasts, and the soulful storytellers. Music creators transport you to different emotional landscapes through their enchanting melodies, captivating lyrics, and electrifying performances. They bring you the latest music trends, artist spotlights, and the power of music to heal, inspire, and unite. Join this harmonious community to celebrate the universal language of music and connect with fellow music lovers who understand the profound impact that melodies can have on our lives.

Worldwide Music Market Size

Tech is turning Musicians into household names. 

  • 62% Piece of the pie

    Streaming revenue accounted for 62% of the global music industry's revenue in 2020, as digital platforms continue to dominate music consumption, driven by the convenience and accessibility of on-demand music streaming services.

  • $25.5 billion

     The global music streaming market is projected to reach $25.5 billion by 2026, with a growing number of subscribers and the popularity of curated playlists and personalized recommendations.

  • 34% bounce-back

    Live music events are making a strong comeback, with ticket sales expected to rebound by 34% in 2024, as fans eagerly return to concerts, festivals, and live performances after a period of limited in-person events.

Did you know?

Random Music Facts

Now That's Talent!

Did you know that Ludwig van Beethoven continued to compose music even after becoming completely deaf, creating some of his most famous works during that time?


Did you know that the electric guitar, invented in the 1930s, revolutionized popular music and became an iconic instrument in various genres, including rock, blues, and jazz?

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    Rick Rubin
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    Billie Eilish

    Pop Musician and Celebrity

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    KPOP Group

    Renowned Singers 

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