Astrology & Tarot Community

Did you know that search terms like “astrology” and “tarot” reached a record high on Google trends during the pandemic? It’s a testament to people’s growing interest in the art. 

Who are astrology & tarot creators?

Astrology, tarot, and psychic creators encompass a range of spiritual and supernatural practices, including astrology, tarot readings, palmistry, and psychic consultations distributed on various social media apps and video platforms. 

These practices are based on the belief that individuals have the ability to gain insights into their lives and the world around them through the use of various divination tools and techniques. 

The industry is thought to have its roots in ancient cultures, and has continued to evolve and grow over time. These practices remain popular among many people around the world. 

Astrology Market Size

Tech is turning Astrology into a billion dollar industry. Learn more about astrology and tarot in social media .

  • $2.2 billion in the US

    In the United States, the astrology/psychic industry market size is estimated to be worth $2.2 billion.

    - Business Insider

  • $40 billion Worldwide

    Worldwide, the astrology, tarot and psychic sector market size is estimated to be worth $40 billion.

    - Market Watch

  • $39.7 million spent in apps

    Amount mobile users spent on the top 10 astrology and zodiac apps in the US; a 64.7% year over year growth! 

    - Sensor Tower Report

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