Creator Feature: Dr. Josh Axe

published on 01 April 2024

Dr. Josh Axe is a pioneer in the field of natural health, leveraging food, exercise, and natural remedies to promote wellness. With degrees in chiropractic care, natural medicine, and a certification in clinical nutrition, he's not just talking the talk but walking the walk. Through his website, books, and nutritional products under Ancient Nutrition, Dr. Axe aims to bridge the gap between traditional and modern medicine, making health advice accessible to all. Here's a quick snapshot:

  • Expertise: Natural health, chiropractic care, certified clinical nutritionist
  • Platforms:, Ancient Nutrition, TapeReal
  • Books: Eat Dirt, Keto Diet, Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine, Ancient Remedies
  • Mission: Use food and lifestyle changes to improve health
  • Achievements: Over 17 million monthly visitors to his site, Webby Award winner, New York Times best-selling author
  • Future Goals: Increase product affordability, expand supplement availability, enhance non-profit programs, advocate for nutrition policy changes, and employ technology in personalized health

In essence, Dr. Axe is dedicated to empowering individuals to take control of their health journey through natural means, aiming for a holistic approach to wellness that incorporates both ancient wisdom and contemporary scientific research.

Building a Brand Around Wellness

Dr. Axe has created two big wellness brands that many people know about - his website and the supplement company Ancient Nutrition. Both are all about sharing natural health tips and products with everyone.


  • started in 2008 to teach people how to use food as a way to stay healthy
  • It first talked about natural ways to heal, tasty healthy recipes, fitness tips, and the newest findings in nutrition
  • Some big achievements:
    • More than 17 million people visit the site every month as of 2021
    • It's known as one of the top health websites around the world
    • It has won awards like "Best Paleo Site" and "Most Trusted Health Website"

Founding Ancient Nutrition

  • Ancient Nutrition was created in 2015 to make it easy to get nutrients from old-school diets in today's supplements
  • Dr. Axe noticed that many supplements didn't work well or had fake ingredients
  • What makes Ancient Nutrition special:
    • It focuses on old-time superfoods like bone broth and collagen
    • It promises no GMOs, gluten, dairy, soy, or fake sweeteners
    • Every product is checked by a third party to make sure it's pure and strong
  • Now, there are over 100 products available in more than 10,000 stores worldwide

By sharing well-researched natural health tips and products in a way that's easy for everyone to understand, Dr. Axe's brands have really helped people get healthier.

Joining the TapeReal Community

Dr. Axe teamed up with TapeReal because he thought it was a great chance to connect with more people who want to take charge of their health.

TapeReal is all about letting creators do their thing and giving users control, which fits right in with Dr. Axe's goal to help people get better using food and lifestyle changes. The platform has groups focused on specific topics, making it easier for him to talk directly with folks who care a lot about natural health.

On TapeReal, Dr. Axe shares special interviews, a peek behind the scenes at his company Ancient Nutrition, Q&As, extra videos, and more. This special stuff lets his most dedicated fans get a closer look at his way of healing the whole body.

Here are some of the things he talks about on TapeReal:

  • How he became a natural medicine doctor
  • The way he comes up with new Ancient Nutrition products
  • What he does every day to stay healthy
  • What he thinks the future of health care looks like
  • Tips for dealing with long-term health problems
  • How believing in something, having the right mindset, and healing are connected
  • Tips on eating, exercising, and living well

Dr. Axe thinks everyone should be able to get health information for free. But, he also wants to give something extra to his biggest fans. TapeReal is the perfect place for him to share special content with his followers, while still giving out a lot of free health advice on his website and social media.

The way TapeReal works helps Dr. Axe make real connections with his audience. Instead of just sending out information to everyone, he can talk directly with people who really get into his content. This is super important for earning trust and being seen as reliable, especially when talking about natural health and whole-body care, where it's all about personal attention.

In short, Dr. Axe joined TapeReal to keep spreading the word about how to get better health. The platform's main points match his aim to help people manage their health using food, herbs, lifestyle changes, and other natural methods. TapeReal lets him reach new people interested in natural healing and also helps him keep in touch with his current fans through special content.


Empowering the Wellness Journey

Dr. Axe's positive attitude and dedication to sharing natural health tips has inspired many people in the TapeReal community to make changes in their lifestyle. Here are some of their stories.

Finding Relief from Chronic Issues

Maria had been struggling with chronic fatigue and digestive problems for years. After implementing Dr. Axe's advice on healing the gut and reducing inflammation, she has seen a huge improvement.

"I was skeptical at first about his herbal protocols and bone broth fasts. But after just 2 weeks, my energy levels increased and my digestion normalized. I'm so grateful to finally be getting my life back."

James had suffered from severe seasonal allergies every spring. Antihistamines only provided temporary relief. However, after starting Dr. Axe's regimen of quercetin, stinging nettle, and butterbur supplements, along with local honey, he has been symptom-free.

"Who knew that natural remedies could work better than medications? Now I can actually enjoy springtime without feeling miserable."

Adopting a Natural Lifestyle

Sarah used to eat a typical Western diet high in processed foods. After a health scare, she decided it was time for a change. She switched to Dr. Axe's recommended real-food-based diet and started using essential oils and herbal teas to support her body.

"At first it was hard giving up comfort foods. But now I have so much more energy and mental clarity. I can't imagine going back to my old eating habits."

Mark has struggled with anxiety and trouble sleeping for many years. On Dr. Axe's advice, he started taking magnesium and lemon balm before bedtime. He also uses lavender essential oil and practices relaxing yoga poses.

"I'm sleeping better than I have in over a decade, and I feel much calmer during the day. Natural healing really works!"

Ripple Effects of Positivity

Dr. Axe's message of using food as medicine delivered with optimism and care has created a ripple effect. As he empowers people to take control of their health journey, they pay it forward by sharing their success stories with others. This motivates more people to make lifestyle changes.

For example, Maria excitedly told all her friends about how bone broth helped her fatigue. Many of them decided to try it for themselves. James inspired his whole family to use natural allergy remedies after seeing his great results.

Sarah became a health coach to teach people how to transition to real-food-based diets. Mark now volunteers to lead meditation and yoga classes at his local community center so more people can discover the power of holistic healing.

The inspirational stories go on and on, creating a virtuous cycle. Dr. Axe lights the spark, and the fire keeps spreading as people share their journeys. This rippling effect allows his message of empowerment through food and nature to touch more lives.

A Legacy of Education and Impact

Dr. Josh Axe has worked hard to teach people about staying healthy the natural way, and he's gotten a lot of praise for it. Here's a look at what he's done:

Awards and Recognition

  • Won a Webby Award for having the best health website ( in 2018
  • Recognized as one of the top health websites by Greatist and MindBodyGreen
  • Got the Publisher's Choice Award for his book Eat Dirt in 2016

Non-Profit Work

  • Started the Axe Wellness non-profit to help give natural medicine and real food to people who need it
  • Worked with charities like Vitamin Angels to give over 10 million vitamins to people all over the world who don't have enough

Published Works

  • Wrote more than 10 health books that have sold really well, including 4 that made it to the New York Times best-sellers list
  • His books have sold over 3 million copies worldwide
  • They've been translated into more than 30 languages

Product Innovation

  • Created over 100 supplement products with his brand, Ancient Nutrition
  • You can find Ancient Nutrition products in over 10,000 stores all over the world
  • They focus on things like bone broth protein and collagen

Future Goals

Looking forward, Dr. Axe wants to keep spreading his message to even more people. He plans to:

  • Make his products more affordable
  • Make Ancient Nutrition supplements available in more countries
  • Grow his non-profit programs to help more people
  • Work with policy makers to show how nutrition can prevent illness
  • Use new technology to help people find the best diet and lifestyle for them

Dr. Axe has been helping people get healthier for 15 years, and he's not planning to stop. He wants to make sure his message of natural healing reaches as many people as possible for a long time.


To wrap it up, Dr. Josh Axe is a big name in the world of natural health who helps people take charge of their own health. Here's what you need to know:

  • Dr. Axe has a lot of knowledge about how to stay healthy using food, herbs, essential oils, and changing up your daily routine. He's got the education to back up his advice.
  • He spreads his wisdom through his popular books, his website, his company Ancient Nutrition, and more.
  • Dr. Axe also works with TapeReal to reach even more folks interested in natural ways to get better. There, he shares special interviews and extra content.
  • His encouraging words have led people in the TapeReal community to try natural ways to deal with health issues like tiredness, allergies, stress, and more.
  • When these people share their good results, it encourages others to try making healthy changes too.
  • Dr. Axe has done a lot through his writing, his health products, his charity work, and his commitment to teaching. He's planning to keep on spreading his health messages to help even more people around the world.

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