Creator Spotlight: Louis Cole

published on 12 April 2024

Louis Cole, a musician and YouTuber known for his channel FunForLouis, has made a significant impact in the world of music and content creation. His journey from a jazz student at the USC Thornton School of Music to forming the band Knower showcases his unique blend of electronic, funk, pop, and jazz influences. Cole's innovative videos and collaborations have not only garnered millions of views but also inspired many in the creator community. His approach to combining music, visuals, and technology serves as a model for artistic freedom and creativity. TapeReal offers a platform that aligns with Cole's values, providing new ways for artists to connect with their audience and share their work.

  • Louis Cole's early inspiration from video game music and movies.
  • Education at USC Thornton and formation of Knower.
  • Unique musical style blending electronic, funk, pop, and jazz.
  • Innovative video production techniques and notable performances.
  • Collaborations with artists and educators, pushing musical boundaries.
  • Impact on the creator community, inspiring artistic freedom and creativity.
  • TapeReal as a platform for artists like Cole to share their work and connect with fans.

Childhood and Early Inspiration

Louis Cole's love for music started early, thanks to the catchy tunes and fun beats of old video games. He says the music from Nintendo games played a big part in shaping his own music style.

The interesting sounds and rhythms from those games really caught his imagination, pushing him to make music. Movies like Tron also played a role, adding to his love for a cool, futuristic vibe.

Education at USC Thornton

Cole went on to study jazz at the USC Thornton School of Music, a place known for its great music program. Here, he got to dive deeper into all sorts of music styles, from classic jazz to modern electronic tunes.

The school encouraged exploring different sounds, which really helped Cole grow as a musician. Bob Mintzer, who leads the jazz program at Thornton, said Cole was always trying new things and mixing different music styles.

Forming the Band Knower


After finishing school in 2009, Cole and singer Genevieve Artadi started a band called Knower. They mixed electronic music with pop and funk, creating something really different. Their YouTube videos, which included both covers and original songs, quickly caught people's attention.

Cole's deep knowledge of music and his love for video game sounds made Knower's music stand out. Their work mixes old-school vibes with new sounds, creating music that's hard to put in just one category.

Rise to Prominence

Unique Musical and Visual Style

Knower became known for blending electronic music with funk and pop, creating a sound that feels both new and nostalgic, kind of like the music from old video games and movies like Tron. Their music videos are colorful and trippy, matching this unique sound.

This mix of different music styles and the eye-catching videos on YouTube helped Knower get noticed. People liked their new take on electronic-funk music.

Innovative Production Techniques

Cole is not just about writing catchy songs; he also came up with new ways to record music and make videos. For example, in Knower's "One Take" videos, the band plays in a circle, and Cole moves the camera around to show each musician. This makes you feel like you're right there with them. Planning these videos carefully lets them capture everything in one go, both the sound and the picture.

These creative videos got millions of views on YouTube, showing that Cole knows how to make content that people want to watch. The uncut videos also show off how good he and Knower are at making music.

Notable Performances

As more people started to like Knower, they got to play at big music festivals like Bonnaroo and Lightning in a Bottle. Their shows mix dance music with jazz in a way that's really fun to watch.

At one festival in 2017, Knower played with a full brass section, making their music even more exciting. Cole led the band, moving around as they played one song after another without stopping.

These performances made more people interested in Knower. The energy Cole brings to the stage and how he interacts with the audience make their shows feel special and fun for everyone.

Ongoing Collaborations

Partnership with Bob Mintzer and WDR Big Band

WDR Big Band

Louis Cole has kept working with Bob Mintzer, his old teacher. In 2021, they made an album called "I Hope You're Happy Now" with Germany's WDR Big Band. This album mixes Cole's electronic music with the band's jazz. Cole said this project let him mix different kinds of music in new ways. People really liked how the album combined electronic music, funky bass, and loud brass.

Work with Berklee Alumni and Faculty

Cole also teams up with people from Berklee College of Music, where he's given special classes. He made an album called "Tech Noir" with Berklee's Magnus Lindell in 2019. This album has a lot of synth sounds and is inspired by sci-fi movies, trying to capture the feel of films like Blade Runner.

In 2018, Cole worked with Berklee's Ian Froman on a song called "OG Luv Kush". This song mixes hip hop with jazz flute solos, showing how Cole likes to try different music styles.

Other Joint Efforts

Cole doesn't just stick to one type of music. He worked with singer Grace Weber on a calm R&B song called "Driftin'" in 2020. That year, he also made a pop song with Sam Harris from X Ambassadors called "Coming Through".

Cole's always looking to work with different people and try new things in music. His projects with others let him explore styles beyond his usual electronic-funk.


Impact on the Creator Community

Louis Cole has made a big splash with his music and videos, showing other artists and creators that you can be yourself and still make it big. He's a great example for people on TapeReal who want to share their own unique stuff.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Cole mixes different kinds of music like electronic, funk, and pop, proving that you don't have to stick to one style. He gets ideas from everywhere, even old video games and movies, encouraging new musicians and creators to think outside the box.

His music videos, especially the ones shot in one take where the band plays together in a circle, show how you can be creative with how you make and show your work. This approach is not only cool but also makes people feel like they're part of the action.

Cole's way of combining music, videos, and technology inspires others to find their own creative path.

Commitment to Artistic Freedom

Cole works with a lot of different musicians but always makes sure his projects stay true to his vision. He picks collaborators based on how well they can create new sounds together, not just for their fame.

Whether he's mixing jazz with electronic music or creating a sci-fi soundtrack, Cole follows his own rules. This shows other creators that it's important to do your own thing, even if it's different from what everyone else is doing.

Role Model for TapeReal Community

Louis Cole is a perfect fit for TapeReal because he's always trying new things and values being independent. His unique videos, where everyone plays music together in a circle, would be a hit on TapeReal. He could also share behind-the-scenes clips and special content with his fans directly.

TapeReal would let Cole share his work in new ways and connect with his audience more personally. His approach to mixing different types of art fits well with TapeReal's goal of bringing different kinds of creativity together.

In short, Louis Cole shows us that being bold and creative pays off. He encourages everyone in the TapeReal community to explore new ideas and share their true selves.


Louis Cole shows us how being creative and trying new things can lead to great success. He mixes different music styles, proving you don't have to stick to one kind of music. His videos, where everything is done in one shot, make people feel like they're right there with the band. This is a cool way to connect with viewers.

Cole also teaches us to stay true to what we believe in. Whether he's working with other artists or by himself, he makes sure his music reflects his own ideas. This encourages people on TapeReal to make whatever they want, without worrying about fitting in.

TapeReal offers artists like Cole a new way to share their music and talk to fans. It lets them post special content that only certain fans can see, helping them build a closer relationship. Also, artists can make money directly from their most dedicated fans.

In short, Louis Cole embodies the spirit of creativity that TapeReal supports. By helping artists like him, TapeReal can create a unique community. Our platform gives creators a chance to share their talents and lets fans get closer to the artists they admire.

By giving creative people like Cole the tools they need, there's no telling how much amazing art they can create. TapeReal is excited to be part of this creative journey, offering a space where artists can freely share their work. We believe in a future where creators have the freedom to chase their dreams, and our community is key to making that happen.

Where did Louis Cole go to college?

Louis Cole finished his studies in Jazz at the USC Thornton School of Music back in 2009.

This school is famous for its strong jazz program that likes to mix up different kinds of music, from old-school jazz to newer electronic tunes.

While studying there, Louis worked with Bob Mintzer, who led the jazz program. Mintzer was all about trying out new mixes of music and breaking the usual rules. This kind of thinking really influenced Louis's music, mixing jazz, funk, pop, and electronic sounds.

After finishing college, Louis and Genevieve Artadi started their band, Knower. They were all about mixing electronic funk with pop and made some really cool videos that got popular on YouTube.

So, Louis got really good at his music and found his unique style at USC Thornton, thanks to its open-minded approach to music. This experience was a big step towards his success with Knower and his music career after that.

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